The Chef & His Shop

The blogger, Venkateswaran Ganesan, is a lousy writer who revels in deifying Ilayaraja and Goundamani.

thedrunkenmonk is an epithet crowned by Mr.Goundamani as a traffic constable where he asks people to “take the 25 roobees”.

The palagaara kadai is a sobriquet inspired by a book, “The five star palagaara kadai”, by Crazy Mohan. Just like how you find all snacks in a palagaara kadai, you will find this author rambling about all the subjects under the sun that he claims to have a knowledge on, which aren’t much.

To Connect: Twitter: @_Drunkenmunk


One response to “The Chef & His Shop

  1. Prabhu

    Was wondering that I have heard the thedrunkenmonk somewhere. Aah! yes the Gounders’ quip. Quintessential Goundamani.

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