The Hero Who Was Pinched

“He stood on a corner of the battlefield, sun setting on the shore;

Victory was eluding him, making him slightly sore.

His nemesis’s brother spake saying it was a Goddess that kept them at bay;

Having him mystified, how could Good help Evil? It made him pray.

There is one way, spoke his friend of clarity, and it is to meditate;

He took upon himself to invoke the Goddess with lotuses a hundred and eight.

Being helped in the endeavor, by a friend so primal;

He started beseeching the Goddess who made him wait.

Lotuses he offered, the last of which was pinched.

The lotus is like your eyes; his mother declared once;

He took an arrow to offer an eye for a flower not as beautiful.

The Goddess deemed Her eyes had seen enough;

For She came down to bless him, her heart bountiful.

What was now left was to grow, touching the sky.”

Inspired from a short Hindi poem.


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Filed under Kavidha Kazhudha

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