This was posted in my facebook profile on April 7, 2010.

It was March 17, Ugadi. I was supposed to go get tickets for the match against Mumbai yesterday from my uncle, a TNCA member. I was going to watch Sachin. Chennai winning would be a bonus. The best thing was I knew where my uncle was, Hotel Himalaya in Triplicane, but didn’t know where in Triplicane the hotel was. Getting a 21H, I got down near Kannagi statue. Kannagi was pointing towards Pycrofts Road, showing the way. Thank you, Mrs. Kannagi Kovalan. The hotel was in Triplicane high road. With more difficulty than Vijay TV, I identified Himalaya, the hotel. Getting the tickets, I then realized that the match was sold out with my uncle assuring me this rush won’t be seen next year for the World Cup.

And yesterday (April 6 that is), the hour arrived. With my dad, sister and Swaroop, a friend who’s a journalist in The Hindu, I proceeded to the stadium. In the train, we thought we received a missed call from my friend Aravindh. This was a first. Missed call from USA. Swaroop was barred from entering into Chepauk. I was tempted to ask if journalists from The Hindu are banned in Chepauk. But the reason given was Jayasuriya was playing for Mumbai and pro-LTTE organizations have held a black banner against him. So you cannot wear black shirts in the stadium. Swaroop was wearing a black T-shirt.

Maxim 1: If you make a rule, make it known to all people.

Maxim 2: If you are incapable of doing that, don’t make a rule.

Maxim 3: If you still make a rule and decide to implement it, we will not question it.

Swaroop went out and after what seemed to be an eternity, came in with a Chennai Super Kings shirt over his black shirt. The toss was just on as we went in and yes, the stadium erupted upon the arrival of SRT.

The match was all time time pass. There were people who were pro-Chennai and there were people who were pro-SRT. It was a mini who’s loud contest in the D stand. CSK said a group. SRT said another. Until SRT was batting, and I saw God bat for the first time, it was a pro-Mumbai crowd. But after he retired and came back, CSK was back. There was a group that was dancing, energising the whole D stand. I must say they danced better than the Mumbai Indians cheer girls.

The match had everything you could ask for. Sachin was the top scorer in the match and CSK won. As we came out onto the Victoria road, we were jammed. The crowd coming out onto Wallajah road and the crowd going into the railway station met midpoint with the cars released onto the road.

Maxim 4: When you have 30,000 people coming out into a single road, don’t allow vehicles.

Maxim5: Refer Maxim 3.

PS: Jayasuriya didn’t play the game.


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